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Do I really need a will?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Estate Planning

You may assume that wills are something only meant for the elderly. But the truth is, there are many reasons having a will is a good idea, no matter what your age.

Reduce family conflict and stress

A will is the best way to protect you and your family from the stress and cost of having to go through the Pennsylvania probate process after you die. It also helps reduce the chance of family disputes. Many family conflicts are rooted in a will dispute, with some family members becoming estranged for years over it.

Property and pets

Your will specifies exactly how you want your estate to be divided and distributed. Your estate includes your real property, such as your house, and personal property like your furniture, clothes and other personal belongings.

Your pets can even be included in your will. A will can give you peace of mind, knowing that if something happens to you, your cat, dog or other beloved pet will go to a home of your choosing.

Protecting your children

If you have minor children, a will allows you to specify a guardian, or someone you choose to take over your role as a parent if you are gone. Knowing you have a will and who their guardian would be can help your children feel secure, since they can be assured that they will be taken care of if something happens to you.

Social media

In today’s technology-driven world, you can also state what you want to happen to your social media accounts. As part of drafting your will, you will appoint an executor, which is a trusted friend or family member who is responsible for carrying out your will’s terms.

You can instruct the executor to delete your social media accounts or distribute digital pictures or videos to certain people.

Drafting your will

When your will goes through the probate process, your estate is divided according to probate laws, which could be completely different from how you would have chosen.

The thought of drafting a will might seem overwhelming, but it is a relatively simple process. Once you have decided how you want your estate divided and distributed, an estate planning attorney can assist with drafting your will.